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2 days before departure you are able to find out at what time your booked transfer will pick you up , by inserting your reservation number in the search bar here above . ( In case you have travelled with a Meetingpoint touroperator) . Have you packed and done everything? Here is a short checklist: * Have you picked up your ID card at the reception desk? * Emptied you safe ? * Have you taken all your personal belogings ? ( Chargers, ipads, phones , drying clothes on the terrace.. etc) * Handed in Rental Car and hotel door keys and paid your bills at the hotel reception ? WHAT CAN I TAKE BACK HOME ( From the Canary Islands to a EU country) ? You import the following goods from outside the European Union ( THE CANARY ISLANDS ARE CONSIDERED AS A TERRITORY WITH A SPECIAL CUSTOM STATUS ) , then the quantity shall not exceed 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking or water pipe tobacco. Beverages: 4 litres of still wine or, 16 litres of beer or, 1 litre of spirits or, 2 litres of intermediate products (up to 22°) or 2 litres of sparkling wine You may bring other items for a maximum value o 430 euros per person if travelling by plane . After Check in at the airport , there is usually still time to have a drink or something to eat. You can also buy souvenirs at the airport tobacco and jewlery are cheaper in resort and a good insider tip for these goods are the FUND GRUBE shops which can be found in every resort . As the airport is very spacious, you should make sure you get to the lounge for your flight on time. The boarding time and gate are indicated on your boarding pass or on the screens We wish you a good flight back and hope to welcome you back very soon here!